Real love doesn't abandon you.


Real love doesn't abandon you. It's the kind of love that you can trust and rely on. Whenever times get tough, real love will be by your side to help carry the burden and offer a listening ear. Real love is patient and understanding; it never forces or pressures someone into making decisions that they're not comfortable with or don't agree with. Even if things don't always go as planned, real love is there for you providing reassurance, comfort and emotional support through it all.
No matter what obstacles life throws our way, real love never stops believing in us and pushing us towards our goals. When we make mistakes or fall short of achieving something we had set out to do, they forgive us unconditionally and encourage us to keep trying until we succeed.

Fake love can be destructive, leaving you feeling betrayed and heartbroken. It's hard to fathom that someone would pretend to care about you when in reality they are manipulating and taking advantage of your emotions. When fake love abandons you, it is difficult to process the suddenness of the situation. You question yourself - where did I go wrong? Was I not worth their time? How could they simply discard me like an old toy?
The realization that someone so close to you was never actually on your side hurts much more than any physical pain could ever inflict. You feel foolish for believing all their sweet words and gestures while they were constructing a false relationship with no intention of lasting commitment or loyalty. All that remains is loneliness as the person who once professed love for you is now gone without a trace or explanation.

Having an intimate partner who truly loves and cares for you is the greatest feeling. It can be quite difficult, however, to ensure that your partner loves you instead of what you can do for them. To make sure this happens, open communication is key. This will allow both partners to express their needs and desires in a way that leads to understanding and compromise.
In a healthy relationship, each person should strive to show up authentically as themselves without worrying about how they can please or appear better to their partner. By respecting one another’s boundaries and taking care not to manipulate the other person through guilt or control tactics, it will become easier to focus on simply loving each other rather than what one might be able to do for the other.


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