Roseanna Cox is getting ready to fight on the Floyd Mayweather under card.

Roseanna Cox is getting ready to fight on the Floyd Mayweather under card. This is a huge opportunity and Roseanna knows it, so she has been training hard for this moment. She's pushed her body to its limits and worked on her techniques for months in order to be ready for what will surely be one of the toughest fights of her life. With hours of sparring sessions, shadowboxing drills and self-defense classes, Roseanna has prepared herself in every way possible to take this match head on.

Roseanna Cox is about to fight Carla McKenzie in a boxing match on the 25th of February. It'll be an intense face off, but I'm confident that Roseanna will come out the victor in the end. She's been training and has improved her technique significantly. Her dedication to this sport and determination to win have made it clear that she's not going into this bout unprepared.
Roseanna has worked hard to make sure she can defend herself against her opponent's punches and land a few of her own as well. She knows exactly how much time she needs to put in each day in order to ensure that when the bell rings at the start of the fight, she'll be ready for anything thrown at her. With all that hard work behind her, I'm certain Roseanna will take home the win on February 25th. Roseanna has taken this fight against Carla at only two weeks' notice.

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In 2018, Roseanna Cox was diagnosed with having a cyst on her brain and was told she wouldn't be able to box again. This news came as a shock to the boxing community who knew of Roseanna's great talent in the ring. Despite this diagnosis, Roseanna pushed through the challenge and continued to fight for her dreams. Now, in 2023, she is fighting on Floyd Undercard despite her initial diagnosis three years prior. As soon as Roseanna got the all clear she was back in the gym training.
This incredible story of resilience has become an inspiration for many. It shows them that anything is possible if you have enough determination and faith in yourself. Roseanna has faced tremendous odds over the past couple of years but continues to stay positive despite these setbacks. Her courage and strength are admirable qualities which will continue to guide her forward on her journey within boxing circles.

Roseanna Cox is a beacon of hope in our community. The video interview will undoubtedly spark joy in many hearts and motivate us all to lead more meaningful lives by giving back as well as help others realize their full potentials.

Video interview is dropping next week. 


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