Is Beyonce evil or are people VERY very uneducated


I am not a huge fan of Beyoncé, but I do think that she is immensely talented.

She paid homage to many African cultures within the film, but one of the most prominent was in her up-dress which resembled that of Hathor from Ancient Egyptian culture. Many people found this dress to be a beautiful representation of strong African culture and heritage. However, some Black people have drawn comparisons between the dress and Baphomet a symbol associated with Satanism in Western occultism. While these two symbols may seem to be similar at first glance, there are several important differences between them that cannot be overlooked.

To start, Baphomet is a symbolic figure that has been used by Western occultists since at least as far back as the 18th century; it is not an appropriation nor representation of any other cultures’ religious or spiritual beliefs.

It is shocking to realize that African people do not know much about the gods that originated from their own histories anymore.

Her outfit sparked a conversation in which many Africans were unaware of the source and meaning behind it.

Despite our lack of knowledge, this moment proved to be incredibly powerful. Seeing my own cultural heritage represented in such a high profile way gave me a profound sense of pride and joy. It demonstrated how far we have come in reclaiming and celebrating our history, even if we are still not as knowledgeable about it as we should be.

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