kwame koranteng The 2023 Tribal Collection.


Kwame Koranteng is a multi award winning suit designer who makes tailor made suits for men and women. His ability to create and design custom-made suits has earned him recognition in the fashion industry - both locally, nationally and internationally. His designs have been showcased in various fashion shows across the world, from London to L.A., Paris to Tokyo.
Kwame is passionate about making sure that his customers look their best when wearing one of his creations; each suit piece is designed with precision, ensuring it’s tailored to fit perfectly on the wearer’s body shape and style preferences. He pays close attention to every detail during production; every pocket, button or stitch is made with meticulous care. Kwame truly puts his heart into each suit he crafts, striving for high quality craftsmanship while keeping up with current trends.

He has combined traditional African fabric with the classic tailored design of the suit, creating an aesthetic that is unique and vibrant. His ability to intertwine two seemingly vastly different worlds into one cohesive garment is nothing short of remarkable.
Koranteng's suits allow people from all walks of life to express themselves in an individualistic way. By incorporating African fabrics, prints, and colors into his designs he gives individuals an opportunity to make a statement about their cultural background while still maintaining the sophistication that comes with wearing a tailored suit. It also creates awareness around African culture and encourages people to appreciate its beauty and vibrancy.

The new collection of suits tribal 2023 has now been launched and is ready to be showcased around the world. This new line of suits is truly one-of-a-kind, incorporating classic tailoring techniques with modern day fashion trends that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Each suit features intricate details and echoes the spirit of tribal culture, giving people a chance to wear something that makes them feel like they can express themselves authentically.
The materials used for this collection are all carefully chosen to ensure quality craftsmanship and comfort when wearing the suits. Kwame has thoughtfully considered how different hues create unique visual effects while still making comfortable pieces which can be worn over long periods of time without feeling constricted or uncomfortable in any way. From bold prints to subtle accents, there's something for every individual who wants to make a statement in their own way.


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