FRSHRZ - A suit is the uniform of success. And elegance.

Today was something special. I had the opportunity to spend the day
with Artcha, SKANDOUZ, and Dray Styles - collectively known as FRSHRZ
- a talented London hip-hop trio. It was great hearing them talk about
their passion for music, Hip Hop Culture, and how they've made
creating music into a career.

They discussed how they each bring something different to the group;
Artcha is an accomplished lyricist, producer, educator, and fashion
SKANDOUZ contributes leadership, artistry, Journalism, and events
management. Dray Styles is a hybrid MC who has flawlessly transitioned
between Grime and Hip Hop and is also an innovator when it comes to
bringing music to the fitness world.
Dray Styles also has a fantastic new single out now “Love is” which is
very much worth your time.

We talked about their creative process, which involves bouncing off
each other's ideas during studio sessions and learning from each
other's experiences in order to create something new.
FRSHRZ, have a combined five degrees between them. This makes them the
most academically educated rap group I’ve had the pleasure of
listening to so far.

As I listened to their latest EP “Glass Ceiling”, I was
captivated not only by their sound and lyrics but also by the story
behind the tracks.
The rappers from FRSHRZ talked openly about how
they overcame dyslexia in order to achieve success in higher education
and music. Hearing about this made me have an immense amount of
respect for these men, as it can be difficult for those on the
spectrum to break into higher education and realise success across
disciplines. It is inspiring that FRSHRZ refused to let dyslexia hold
them back from reaching their potential.

They recently put on an event to honor their late friend, (UK Hip hop
Legend) Ty, who passed away in 2020. The group held a two tribute
concerts at the Jazz Café in 2021 and 2022 managing to raise £4,000
for Brixton Soap Kitchen.
The members of FRSHRZ are passionate about
giving back to the community and they used this opportunity to spread
awareness while helping those in need. It was inspiring to see these
young artists put together these successful events and it really
showed how much they care about their communities. The money raised
went towards providing support for homeless people as well as meals
for low-income families in Brixton.

FRSHRZ are a Hip-Hop group that we can be proud of. They represent the
best of our community with their unique style and lyrical proficiency.
From their beats to the messages they send through their lyrics,
FRSHRZ take pride in empowering others and inspiring positive change.
Not only do they advocate for social justice, but they also carry
themselves with excellence and portray an image that can serve as a
role model for those in the Hip-Hop culture.

Their dedication to creating meaningful music is evident in every song
that they make. Every rap carries a powerful punch; each one is
thoughtfully written to express what needs to be spoken about in our
society today. They challenge authority by asking difficult questions,
while also providing solutions for issues we are currently facing.

Look out for the video interview on the site.

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