Here are ten specific actions that UK hip-hop music artists can take to improve unity and support each other:

  1. Organize networking events where artists can meet, exchange ideas and discuss collaboration opportunities.

  2. Support each other's music by sharing and promoting each other's work on social media platforms.

  3. Start a mentorship program to help emerging artists develop their craft and navigate the music industry.

  4. Host workshops or masterclasses on topics such as production, songwriting, and music business to share knowledge and skills.

  5. Create a collective or label where artists can collaborate, share resources, and release music together.

  6. Set up a platform that showcases new talent and gives exposure to lesser-known artists.

  7. Attend each other's live shows and events, and participate in cyphers, rap battles or other opportunities to showcase their skills.

  8. Create a whatapp group forum where artists can share information, ask for advice, and connect with each other with no haters

  9. Create a compilation album or mixtape featuring multiple artists that highlights the diversity and talent of the UK hip-hop scene.

  10. Give back to the community and support causes that are important to artists 

  11. Artists must add to the culture and not just take from it = Disperse Knowledge 
  12. ZERO Tolerance for haters 

By implementing these actions and more, UK hip-hop music artists can build a supportive community that uplifts and empowers each other.

Feel free to add to this list if anything is missed. 



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