30 sexual question you should ask your partner....(part -1)

Dramatically improving your sex Life.

1) Do you think it is wise to go to counseling for sexual problems? If not, how would you want to try to work out the problems?

2) Do you believe that when a couple has sex for the first time, that some sort of commitment is taking place? If so, what?

3) Given your current sex drive, how often would you like to have sex with your spouse?

4) Do you have a favorite foreplay activity to turn you on?

5) Do you like to cuddle after sex?

6) Is it difficult for you to ask your mate for certain kinds of stimulation?

7) Does a person's sexual past matter if you really love them?

8) Do you think that you might have a difficult time having a passionate sex life because of a previous sexual        experience or because of what you were taught about sex growing up?

9) How would you define satisfying sex?

10) If I felt that we needed to go to a sex therapist, would you go with me?

11) On a scale of 1-10, how strong is your sex drive? Is it increasing or is it diminishing?

12) Do you have any sexual fetishes?

13) What kind of clothing do you find sexy? What sort of lingerie/underwear would you find most sexy on me for a special night?

14) Would you get tested for sexually transmitted diseases if I asked you?

15) Do you like to be visually stimulated during the course of making love?

16) What would you do if your partner found out he or she had an STD after you had been together?

17) What body parts turn you on the most?

18) Would you want to do a sexual act even if your spouse thought it was very unappealing?

19) Have you ever slept with a person you now know has a sexually

transmitted disease (about 1 in 5 adults have some sort of STD)?

20) Have you ever been tested for a STD and what was the outcome? If you are infected, how has it affected your relationships?

21) Some people think breast and penis size matter when it comes to really good sex. What are your thoughts and/or experiences?

22) Do you feel self-stimulation is wrong or only when it is accompanied by sexual thoughts of someone besides your mate? Do you think masturbation is an acceptable form of sexual release when your mate isn't in the mood or available?

23) Have you ever been or gotten someone pregnant?

24) If you were in an accident and couldn't perform sexually, do you think your lover would be able to cope with that?

25) If a man has problems maintaining an erection on a regular basis,

what would you try to do?

26) Do you have a favorite sex position? Why is it your favorite?

27) Do you have a preference of making love in the dark, by candlelight or with the lights on?

28) Who would you feel most comfortable talking with regarding sexual problems? Do you think they are qualified to give you good help and advice?

29) If you are in the mood for sex and your mate is not, would you rather your mate say "not now" or "I don't think I can climax, but I'd gladly help you get off." Would you ever want to take him or her up on it?

30)  Have you ever watched a porno movie? If so, how often do you watch them? 

....1 MORE

If you were ever to become addicted to pornography, how would you like me to help you break the habit?



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