30 questions about money you should ask your partner

30 questions about money you should ask your partner.

Disagreements over money are usually cited as one of the top three reasons most couples divorce (communication and sex are the other two). I couldn’t think of many things potentially more frustrating than if my partner kept putting us into debt when I desired to live modestly and have an early retirement. How each of you view money will be a very, very important part of your relationship. For some people spending money is an addiction or compulsion.

  1. Have you ever saved for a major expense or purchase or have you always put it on credit?
  2. Do you get stressed out when finances are really tight? 
  3. If I thought we needed help keeping our finances under control and suggested a “debt counselor” would you go with me?
  4. What is the minimum amount you think you could spend on a wedding and be happy with it?
  5. If you were single and quite wealthy, how would you weed out the "gold diggers"?
  6. How much debt do you think a couple should shoulder themselves with the first year or two of marriage given that financial problems early in a marriage is one of the leading causes of divorce? 
  7. Do you think you could function without a credit card? Have you ever tried?
  8. What do you put on your credit cards? 
  9. Do you think our family has the right to know your financial affairs (whether you are rich or deep in debt)? What would you tell them if they asked how much money you and your spouse make or how much money you have in the bank? 
  10. Do you have the self-control to only spend each month what you can pay off? Or do you always carry balances on your credit cards? 
  11. Do you think we should keep our money in joint or individual accounts? Why? 
  12. How do we decide how to spend our money? Do we have free reign to spend whatever we want as long as it is "my money" or is there an amount (£100, £500, £5,000) at which we need to discuss before making a purchase? 
  13. Do you think it is wise to lend significant amounts of money to boyfriends/girlfriends? Could it cloud the relationship? 
  14. Do you think you have ever been "used" for money? 
  15. Do you often feel that your partner doesn't respect your hard earned income by the way they spend it? 
  16. Which of us has the best skills at paying the bills and keeping track of our expenses? Which of us has the best skills for investing our money?
  17. Do you tend to buy luxury items or are you frugal with your money? 
  18. Look in your wallet. How many credit cards do you have? Do you need that many?
  19. Would you rather live modestly and retire modestly at 50 or would you rather live more extravagantly and retire modestly at 65? 
  20. Have you ever gotten a second job to help pay for your nonessential purchases? 
  21. Do you currently have a will? If not, why? 
  22. If you got into financial difficulties, what would you try to do to get out of it? 
  23. If you were married and inherited £200,000, how would you decide what to do with the money? Would your spouse have any input? What would you want to do if your spouse inherited the money? 
  24. Do you think your partner mismanages their money? 
  25. How much do you owe on all your credit cards? All other loans? 
  26. If you married someone who had a lot of debt and bills, how would you feel about helping your mate pay them off? 
  27. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? 
  28. Have you ever made a loan to someone of a large sum of money? Would you do it again? 
  29. Have you ever dated someone just because they had (or you thought they had) money? 
  30. Do you think life insurance is a wise "investment"?
  31. What do you think would be fair terms in the agreement? When men and women are dating, who do you think should pay for the date? Whoever arranged the date? Whoever make. 



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