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  • How to Raise Smarter, Happier Children

    Children have never been perfect at listening to their parents, but they have never failed to imitate them.



    1.  Walk the talk — always set a great example.

    It’s not what you say, it’s how you live your life every day.  Don’t tell your children how to live; LIVE and let them watch you.  Practice what you preach or don’t preach at all.  Walk the talk.  Your children look up to you and they will emulate your actions and strive to become who you are.

    So BE who you want them to be.

    In other words, be the change you want to see in your child.  Give what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, and mirror what you admire.  Every single day.

    Your children are the greatest gift life will give you, and their souls the heaviest responsibility it will place in your hands.  Take time with them, and teach them to have faith in themselves by being a person they can have faith in ..... a person they can trust without question.  When you are old, nothing else you’ve done will have mattered as much.

    2.  Reduce YOUR stress level in the household.

    Not easy, I know, but believe it or not what children want from their parents more than anything else is for them to be happier and less stressed.

    3.  Believe in your children.

    The greatest compliment you can give to a child is to believe in them and let them know you care.  When you see something true, good and beautiful in them, don’t hesitate to express your admiration.  When you see something that is not true, good and beautiful in them, don’t neglect to give them your wholehearted assistance and guidance.

    The simple act of believing that your child is capable and worthy makes a big difference.  It gives them confidence and makes them feel qualified to do great things.

    4.  Praise your children for their effort, not their intelligence.

    Based on the point above, this might sound a bit counter intuitive, but when you praise a child’s efforts you are bringing attention to something they can easily control — the amount of effort they put in.  This is immensely important because it teaches them to persist, and that personal growth through hard work is possible.  They come to see themselves as “in control” of their success in life.

    Emphasizing God-given intelligence takes progress out of your child’s control, and it provides no good recipe for responding to a failure.  In turn, your child may begin to think that innate intelligence is always going to be a missing ingredient for them, and disregard the importance of their effort to learn and grow. With that said, a word to the wise: Don’t over-praise your children for no reason.  Make sure your gestures of praise are warranted.  Because if every single move your child makes is based only on rewards like constant praise, when the praise stops, the effort stops too.  And that’s not good because it means they won’t be able to perform well when you’re not around.

    5.  Don’t read TO your children, read WITH them.

    Got a youngster who’s learning to read?  Don’t let them just stare at the pictures in a book while you do all the work by reading every word to them.  Instead, call attention to the words.  Point to them.  Point to the pictures that illustrate them.

    Read WITH them, not to them.

    Research shows this tactic helps build a child’s reading comprehension.  When shared book reading is enriched with explicit attention to the development of a child’s reading skills, it truly becomes an effective vehicle for promoting early literacy.  Perhaps even more importantly than that, it makes learning more fun.  And as you know, fun times are happy times in a child’s mind.

    6.  Eat dinner together as a family.

    Eating dinner together makes a difference. Research suggests that children who enjoy family meals have larger vocabularies, better manners, healthier diets, and higher self-esteem in the long run.  Even if eating dinner together every night isn’t possible, you should make it a point to eat together as a family at least once a week.

    Even if eating dinner together every night isn’t possible, you should make it a point to eat together as a family at least once a week.

    7.  Create logical, reasonable rules and boundaries for your children.

    Children don’t do well in a free-for-all environment.  It’s a myth that being too strict guarantees rebellion and being permissive drives better behavior.  From the research we’ve done, it’s clear that children who go crazy and get in trouble mostly have parents who don’t set reasonable rules and boundaries.  If their parents are loving and accepting no matter what they do — even when they are unruly — children take their parent’s lack of rules as a sign that they don’t really care about them — that they don’t really want the job of being parents in the first place.

    On the flip side, parents who are consistent in enforcing rules and boundaries are often the same parents who become the closest with their children. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should over-do the rules, or make rules just for the sake of making rules.  Parents that are too controlling raise children that are stifled and bored.  And stifled, bored kids are likely to rebel.



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  • Andrew Tate ‘may have been hospitalised’ after being taken to Romanian prison

    Andrew Tate may have been hospitalised after being taken to prison in Romania in a human trafficking and rape investigation, according to a local report.

    Romania Andrew Tate
    Romania Andrew Tate

    The self-proclaimed misogynist, 36, and his brother Tristan Tate, 34, reportedly received a routine medical visit during the first days of their arrest and one of them ended up in the hospital, according to Antena 3 sources.

    Tate reportedly developed a lung nodule in custody. The small lumps of cells are generally harmless and benign but can sometimes turn cancerous. It was reported that Tate requested to see a doctor.

    Tate, a British citizen and former professional kickboxer who has amassed 4.4 million followers on Twitter, was detained along with his brother Tristan in Ilfov, an area north of Romania’s capital, Bucharest. Two other Romanian suspects are also in custody.


    Romanian anti-organized crime agency DIICOT said that it has identified six victims who were subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” and were sexually exploited by group members. One is said to have been violently sexually assaulted in March. 

    The agency said two British citizens in the case lured victims using pretenses of love, and later intimidation, constant surveillance, and other control tactics into performing pornographic acts intended to reap “important financial benefits.”

    Prosecutors seized at least seven of Tate’s fleet of super cars, including limited editions worth up to $300,000, that he was showing off to climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

    DIICOT spokesperson Ramona Bolla also said that more than 10 properties or land owned by companies registered to the Tate brothers have been seized in the investigation so far.

    “If we prove they gained money through human trafficking,” Bolla said, “they will be taken by the state and (will) cover the expenses of the investigation and damages to the victims.”







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  • Success breeds resentment and jealousy. Another side of success that is not talked about

    Success breeds resentment and jealousy. Another side of success that is not talked about

    As you rise in life and elevate your game, it's important to remember that no matter how well-intentioned, helpful or pleasant you are that there are some people who won't want to see you shine. In fact they are hoping to see you fall. So much so that they will try to dismiss you, diminish your achievements, pretend they don't see you rising, assassinate your character, discredit you, talk about you behind your back, use innuendos and sarcasm to try to get at you or attempt to eat from your plate without putting in the work to make the meal.

    A jealous person won't come out and tell you that they are jealous of you, nor will they admit it to anyone else. Why? Their pride and ego won't allow it. Instead their jealousy will show up in the form of resentment, constant criticism, open hostility, imitation, gossiping, playing down your accomplishments, an insatiable need to try and one-up you, not inviting you to certain events for fear that you will outshine them, not wanting you to come around their other friends for fear that their friends may actually see that you are a stand up kind of person and want to become your friend too, waiting on the sidelines wishing for your demise and last but not least...kicking you when you fall.

    Jealousy comes in many forms. Sometimes a person will be jealous of your success or accomplishments, your persistence in pursuing your dreams, your charisma, your happiness and peace of mind, your faith walk, your strength, looks, resources, business savvy, your influence, your marriage, your family relationships, network of people you know or your ability to bounce back from adversity. And jealous people can exist everywhere at work, in church, within your family, with your friends and even within your online social networks….YES faceboooook. See the thing is, when you have a deeper sense of self-esteem, resilience and purpose, it can intimidate others and cause them to resent you, often without even knowing why. Be that as it may, you cannot allow other people's issues with you to cause you to play your life small.

    Jealousy is like a parasite. Once you allow it into your space it literally sucks the life right out of you. This is why it is key that the moment you encounter jealousy you cut it off at the head. Don't give jealous people any room in your life to impact you, any space in your head to discourage you or any power to rob you of your peace, purpose or destiny. Simply hold your head up high and continue to do you.

    Whether you are dealing with a person who is ignorant, insecure, malicious or miserable, the best thing that you can do when a jealous person comes your way is to put as much distance as possible between you and that person. You cannot afford to allow jealous people to block your blessings and rain on your parade. Success comes at a price…Success can also keep you isolated. Don’t worry it is normal. I am dealing with that right now. Anyway you are amazing. Being amazing comes with haters.



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  • The upside-down man.

    Femi Iloyi, widely recognized by his stage name "Smooflow," is a multifaceted artist and tech maverick whose talents span across the realms of music, animation, and technology. Born with a genius mind and a relentless passion for creativity, Smooflow has emerged as a dynamic force in the world of entertainment and innovation.


    As a rapper, Smooflow's lyrical prowess is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His rhymes are intricate tapestries woven with words that not only entertain but also provoke thought. His music transcends genres, seamlessly blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and even electronic beats, captivating audiences worldwide. His clever wordplay and magnetic stage presence have earned him numerous accolades and solidified his status as a true trailblazer in the music industry.


    But Smooflow is not just an exceptional artist; he is also a masterful music producer. His ability to craft beats and melodies that resonate with listeners on a deep level has made him a sought-after collaborator in the music production scene. He has produced tracks for some of the biggest names in the industry, elevating their music to new heights.


    In addition to his musical talents, Smooflow is a visionary animator. His animations breathe life into characters and stories, creating immersive and visually stunning experiences. His work has been featured in music videos, films, and even video games, demonstrating his versatility as a creative powerhouse.


    Beyond the realms of music and animation, Smooflow is a tech virtuoso. He is a skilled website and app developer, with a knack for designing user-friendly interfaces and innovative digital solutions. His passion for technology has led him to create groundbreaking apps that have changed the way we interact with the digital world.


    One of Smooflow's most notable achievements is his creation of the app "Pi." This groundbreaking application took the tech world by storm and was recently sold for an undisclosed amount, solidifying his status as a tech entrepreneur and visionary. Pi's success not only propelled Smooflow to greater heights but also benefited his family, a testament to his dedication and commitment to sharing his success with loved ones.


    Despite his many accomplishments and accolades, Smooflow chooses to remain independent, a testament to his unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and creative freedom. He continues to inspire and empower aspiring artists and developers, proving that success can be achieved on one's terms.


    In a world where talent, innovation, and independence collide, Femi Iloyi, or Smooflow, stands as a shining example of what one can achieve with a genius mind, boundless creativity, and an unwavering dedication to their craft. His journey is far from over, and the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the remarkable story of this multi-award-winning artist and tech visionary.

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  • Diamond Man by Femi Iloyi

    DIAMOND MAN by Femi Iloyi

    In a world where many people only focus on showing off and wealth, there is a special person who is different. Let's call him the Diamond Man. He's like a hidden treasure because people don't always notice his true worth. You see, this man doesn't care about showing off how rich he is. He believes that being valuable doesn't only mean having lots of money. 

    The Diamond Man knows that what makes someone truly special is not what they own, but who they are inside. He is kind, humble, and always ready to help others. He understands that real happiness comes from being true to yourself and making a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

    picture by feromedia

    While others might try to impress people by showing off their cars and other shit, the Diamond Man doesn't need those things to feel good about himself. He knows that real wealth lies in things that can't be bought, like love, friendship, and making the world a better place.

    Even though the Diamond Man has a lot of wisdom and knowledge, he doesn't brag about it. Instead, he uses his wisdom to guide others and help them grow. If you ever have a question or need advice, he's always there to listen and offer kind words of encouragement.

    The amazing thing about the Diamond Man is that he doesn't need to be famous or have everyone's attention. He's happy just being himself and making a positive impact on the people he meets. His real treasures are the smiles he brings to others and the joy he feels when he sees someone else succeed.

    So, even though some people might not see the Diamond Man's true worth because they're too focused on material things, there are others who understand how special he is. They appreciate his kindness, his wisdom, and the way he makes the world a better place. And if you ever meet someone like the Diamond Man, remember to look beyond the surface and see the true value that lies within.




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  • Hollywood writers’ strike: Writers are fighting to have AI use banned from screenplays

    Hollywood studios want writers to use artificial intelligence to speed up writing screenplays


    e all know the current Hollywood writers’ strike is about pay, but it might surprise you to find out that it’s also about artificial intelligence.

    One of the key issues in dispute between the Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) and movie studios is whether AI can be used to speed up the process of writing screenplays for movies and television.

    Many have been worried about robots taking over our jobs for the past decade but, in many cases, this hasn’t happened yet.

    However, it is clearly an ever-present worry for up-and-coming screenwriters, claims the WGA, which alleges that movie studios want to discuss using the technology at least once a year.

    The argument, as always, boils down to money, in particular, looking at the way credit is assigned when a screenplay is written, and therefore how much the writer should be paid.

    If a screenplay contains a lot of “source material”, it means it is based on an idea that might have come from a novel, another film, a newspaper article, or a play. However, if a writer produces a story, screenplay, sketch, or treatment based on original ideas, it is considered to be “literary material”.

    Since the idea is not an original one, the writer is not allowed to claim they wrote it, meaning they are credited with having written the screenplay and are paid only 75 per cent of the writing fee, as opposed to the full fee for having completed an original piece of work.

    But, if an AI system like ChatGPT were asked to write a screenplay, it would do so by using data it has been fed from all over the internet. So can anything written by AI be considered to be original literary material and how would you assign credit?

    Since the idea is not an original one, the writer is not allowed to claim they wrote it, meaning they are credited with having written the screenplay and are paid only 75 per cent of the writing fee, as opposed to the full fee for having completed an original piece of work.

    But, if an AI system like ChatGPT were asked to write a screenplay, it would do so by using data it has been fed from all over the internet. So can anything written by AI be considered to be original literary material and how would you assign credit?

    The guild wants to ensure that writers cannot be assigned AI-generated material and told to adapt the content into work. It also wants to ensure that movie studios cannot claim that AI is responsible for literary material.

    Jeff Sneider, of movie industry watcher magazine Above the Line, citing multiple insider sources, says that nearly every Hollywood studio is now exploring the possibility of using AI to generate movie and TV scripts based on intellectual property that is in the public domain.

    “AI has seemingly become the defining issue of this strike, as the very profession of film and television writing is at stake, as is the future of the guild itself,” he wrote.

    “The uncomfortable truth is that real artists aren’t sweating AI, it’s the lower-level writers who worry that it could replace them.”

    Analyst firm Gartner’s global head of research Chris Howard says Hollywood’s writers are right to be concerned that generative AI could be used to reduce the cost of movie production by creating script drafts that are just “adequate enough”.

    “However, smart studios will realise that human sensibilities are not so easily replicated, and will engage screenwriters in a new way,” he told the Standard.

    “The big unknown is whether people will accept AI as an integrated part of their lives or will push back on an AI-mediated life. Geoffrey Hinton is right to raise the philosophical-societal flag and we need to have an open discussion about that and how we develop policy to ensure people-centered development of technology.”




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  • Success in the UK independent music scene.

    Success in the UK independent music scene. 

    "Success in the UK independent music scene is not just about talent. In fact, talent only makes up a small part of the equation. To truly succeed, you need to be strategic, resilient, and willing to put in the hard work. The rest is a game of chess, where business acumen and intellect are key.

    At, we understand the challenges facing aspiring independent musicians in the UK. We know that it takes more than just raw talent to succeed in this industry. You need to have a deep understanding of the business, be willing to network and collaborate, and have the mental fortitude to weather the ups and downs of the music industry.

    From tips on building a brand and marketing your music effectively, to guidance on negotiating contracts and building your fanbase, our website is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make it in the UK independent music scene. We also offer insights from successful independent musicians, industry professionals, and community forums where you can connect with like-minded artists.

    So, if you're an aspiring independent musician in the UK, remember that talent alone is not enough to succeed. The rest is a game of chess, where business acumen and intellect are key. Keep pushing, keep learning, and keep evolving. The game may be tough, but the rewards are worth it. 


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  • Nod Head Records Expands Globally and Forms Partnership with Fero Media in London

    Nod Head Records Expands Globally and Forms Partnership with Fero Media in London.


    Phoenix, Arizona - Nod Head Records has announced plans to establish offices beyond US borders in Tokyo and the UK, as the company continues to experience significant growth and expansion. Nod Head Records Founder and CEO, Felix "Tip Trillions" Horne, along with Co-founder and Executive Vice President Dustin Petz, has been actively seeking opportunities to expand the company's reach and influence, and is pleased to announce a new partnership with Fero Media in London, England.


    Fero Media, founded and led by Femi Iloyi and Roucheon Iloyi, is an amazing media production company in the UK. The partnership between Nod Head Records and Fero Media has been in the works for the past three years, with Horne and Iloyi seeking opportunities to collaborate and bring their respective expertise and strengths to the table. However, COVID-19 made it difficult to establish a partnership until now.


    "We are excited to finally be partnering with Fero Media in London," said Horne. "Femi Iloyi is a visionary leader in media production and distribution, and we believe that our partnership will be a win-win for both companies. Our shared commitment to high-quality content and production values is a perfect match, and we look forward to working together to bring exciting new music and media projects to audiences in the UK and beyond."


    Terms of the partnership are being finalized as early as Friday April 21st, 2023 and both companies are eager to start collaborating on new projects. In addition to the partnership, Nod Head Records is also introducing a brand-new abbreviated logo design featuring the trademarked headphones, which partly encompass the acronym “NHR" for Nod Head Records. The updated logo design was created by Dustin Petz, the company's Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, who also designed the original logo.


    There have been rumors circulating about potential changes to the Nod Head Records logo design. Sources suggest that the new version may incorporate the cities in which the company has established offices, specifically Phoenix and London.


    For more information about Nod Head Records and its partnerships, please visit the company's website at


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  • Are you being Manipulated?

    Are you being Manipulated?

    Manipulation is a tactic used by some individuals to control and influence others for their own benefit. One common form of manipulation is when someone blames you for your reaction to their disrespect.

    This tactic involves the manipulator engaging in disrespectful behavior towards you, such as name-calling, belittling, or undermining your thoughts and feelings. When you react negatively to this behavior, the manipulator will then turn the situation around and blame you for your reaction, rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.

    They may say things like, "You're so sensitive," or "You're overreacting," or even suggest that you are the one causing the problem. By doing this, the manipulator tries to shift the focus away from their own disrespectful behavior and onto your reaction to it, effectively placing the blame on you.


    This form of manipulation can be extremely harmful, as it can make you question your own feelings and perceptions. It can also create a dynamic where the manipulator is in control and you feel powerless to change the situation.


    If you find yourself in a situation where someone is manipulating you in this way, it's important to recognize what is happening and set boundaries. Don't let them make you doubt your own feelings or let them shift the blame onto you. Stand up for yourself and insist on being treated with respect. Remember that manipulation is not a healthy or productive way of relating to others, and it's important to protect yourself from it.


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    Here are ten specific actions that UK hip-hop music artists can take to improve unity and support each other:

    1. Organize networking events where artists can meet, exchange ideas and discuss collaboration opportunities.

    2. Support each other's music by sharing and promoting each other's work on social media platforms.

    3. Start a mentorship program to help emerging artists develop their craft and navigate the music industry.

    4. Host workshops or masterclasses on topics such as production, songwriting, and music business to share knowledge and skills.

    5. Create a collective or label where artists can collaborate, share resources, and release music together.

    6. Set up a platform that showcases new talent and gives exposure to lesser-known artists.

    7. Attend each other's live shows and events, and participate in cyphers, rap battles or other opportunities to showcase their skills.

    8. Create a whatapp group forum where artists can share information, ask for advice, and connect with each other with no haters

    9. Create a compilation album or mixtape featuring multiple artists that highlights the diversity and talent of the UK hip-hop scene.

    10. Give back to the community and support causes that are important to artists 

    11. Artists must add to the culture and not just take from it = Disperse Knowledge 
    12. ZERO Tolerance for haters 

    By implementing these actions and more, UK hip-hop music artists can build a supportive community that uplifts and empowers each other.

    Feel free to add to this list if anything is missed. 



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  • Music Distributor Offers Monetization for your Social Media platforms.

    Music Distributor Offers Monetization for your Social Media platforms. 

    What does that mean.  It means you get paid for every post you link back to your music. I'll attach a video below to show you how this is done. Remember to register if you fine this useful. 

    The rise of digital music distribution has opened up a world of opportunity for artists to promote and sell their music without the need for an expensive record label. Linking music directly from distributor to social media is a great way for artists to reach new audiences and make extra money.  It will help build relationships with fans, and ultimately grow their fanbase. By leveraging the power of social media platforms and your digital distributor you are automatically Monetized. 

    I have attached a video to show you the process below.  Link your music to your post.  some of you will need to run an update on your social media app on your phone as this is a new feature. 

    How to add your music to your facebook post

    How to add your music to your instagram post 

    How to add your music to your tiktok post

    How to Add Music to TikTok | 3 Easy Ways! (






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  • FRSHRZ - A suit is the uniform of success. And elegance.

    Today was something special. I had the opportunity to spend the day
    with Artcha, SKANDOUZ, and Dray Styles - collectively known as FRSHRZ
    - a talented London hip-hop trio. It was great hearing them talk about
    their passion for music, Hip Hop Culture, and how they've made
    creating music into a career.

    They discussed how they each bring something different to the group;
    Artcha is an accomplished lyricist, producer, educator, and fashion
    SKANDOUZ contributes leadership, artistry, Journalism, and events
    management. Dray Styles is a hybrid MC who has flawlessly transitioned
    between Grime and Hip Hop and is also an innovator when it comes to
    bringing music to the fitness world.
    Dray Styles also has a fantastic new single out now “Love is” which is
    very much worth your time.

    We talked about their creative process, which involves bouncing off
    each other's ideas during studio sessions and learning from each
    other's experiences in order to create something new.
    FRSHRZ, have a combined five degrees between them. This makes them the
    most academically educated rap group I’ve had the pleasure of
    listening to so far.

    As I listened to their latest EP “Glass Ceiling”, I was
    captivated not only by their sound and lyrics but also by the story
    behind the tracks.
The rappers from FRSHRZ talked openly about how
    they overcame dyslexia in order to achieve success in higher education
    and music. Hearing about this made me have an immense amount of
    respect for these men, as it can be difficult for those on the
    spectrum to break into higher education and realise success across
    disciplines. It is inspiring that FRSHRZ refused to let dyslexia hold
    them back from reaching their potential.

    They recently put on an event to honor their late friend, (UK Hip hop
    Legend) Ty, who passed away in 2020. The group held a two tribute
    concerts at the Jazz Café in 2021 and 2022 managing to raise £4,000
    for Brixton Soap Kitchen.
The members of FRSHRZ are passionate about
    giving back to the community and they used this opportunity to spread
    awareness while helping those in need. It was inspiring to see these
    young artists put together these successful events and it really
    showed how much they care about their communities. The money raised
    went towards providing support for homeless people as well as meals
    for low-income families in Brixton.

    FRSHRZ are a Hip-Hop group that we can be proud of. They represent the
    best of our community with their unique style and lyrical proficiency.
    From their beats to the messages they send through their lyrics,
    FRSHRZ take pride in empowering others and inspiring positive change.
    Not only do they advocate for social justice, but they also carry
    themselves with excellence and portray an image that can serve as a
    role model for those in the Hip-Hop culture.

    Their dedication to creating meaningful music is evident in every song
    that they make. Every rap carries a powerful punch; each one is
    thoughtfully written to express what needs to be spoken about in our
    society today. They challenge authority by asking difficult questions,
    while also providing solutions for issues we are currently facing.

    Look out for the video interview on the site.

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