50 years of Hip Hop Leeds Museum Drone video


The biggest and most personal project I have ever worked on. To celebrate 50 years of hip hop worldwide there is special exhibition at the Leeds Museum. I used to DJ Hip Hop in the 90’s and my name and contribution to hip hop is mentioned in the museum. I wanted to give something else too so I suggested making one of my “One Shot” FPV drone videos for them all for free and here it is! Everyone in the video is part of the history of hip hop and the exhibition. They opened the museum an hour early for us just to make this video before the general public arrived. Times were tight. I had to plan the flight/route, give everyone roles and then record it all in 1 hours time. The first take I crashed but then the second take, with just 5 minutes before they expended the doors to the public, went perfect as you can see here all in one flight! I then spent 6 days editing it and adding sounds and music, going through hours of samples and old hip hop tunes to bring it to life. I am very proud to be part of this celebration of 50 years of hip hop and I am proud of how the video looks. Also very proud of everyone that made this exhibition happen, it really is incredible and will take you down a trip on memory lane. A lot of work has been put into this by a great group of old hip hop friends. The exhibition is there at the Leeds Museum until March for you to go and see and it is all free for everyone! I hope you enjoy this.

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