Jada Smith's Narcissistic Influence Over Will Smith | What Really Drove Him To Slap Chris Rock


The slap heard across the world came as a shock at The Oscars 2022 as Will Smith in a very out of character move, walked up on stage, interrupting an awards show watched my millions on live television, to slap comedian Chris Rock over an arguably insensitive joke about his possibly narcissistic wife, Jada Smith. What would drive a humble, down to Earth, good spirited man to pull such a stunt, fully aware of the repercussions it would have on his image and career? Love? Nah.

For those that know about narcissistic abuse, we have a difference of opinion here. While all eyes are on Will Smith and Chris Rock, let's focus on who's pulling the strings behind the scenes, and shed some light into the triangulation, infidelity, and narcissistic hold Jada Smith seems to have on The Fresh Prince.

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