Dame Dash: The Man That DISCOVERED & Built Jay-z & Kanye West! | E192


Dame Dash is the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records and the producer who discovered Jay Z and Kanye West. A legend of hip hop and rap who changed not only the dominant sound within the genre, he totally upended the way it operated as a business.

0:00 Intro
02:06 Early years
11:43 Losing your mother
16:14 What is your dark side
21:10 Where did you get your mindset from?
26:21 What did you have above everyone else
29:56 Why did Roc-a-fella win?
40:46 Whats the right type of dream to set
44:34 How do you stay focused?
45:41 How sustainable is your ambition?
54:03 The importance of honour and loyalty
55:39 Discovering Kanye
01:03:04 Regrets with Roc-a-fella
01:03:04 Kanye compared to Jay-z
01:10:56 I don’t trust anyone
01:17:58 Hard work
01:20:37 Therapy
01:23:13 The hardest moment in your life
01:25:53 What lessons are you teaching your 5 children?
01:28:03 Visualisation
01:30:39 The last guest question

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