Master P Talks Black Ownership, Respect, Stocks, & Gives Amazing Business Advice


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HiphopDX recently sat down with Master P to talk about the current state of the world, black business, ownership, entrepreneurship, Michael Jordan, Lil Baby, DaBaby and more.

Guest: Master P (@masterp)

Interview By:
Trent Clark (@ItsMeEICTC15)

& Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht)

Senior Content Strategist: Jaysn Prolifiq (@jaysnprolifiq)

Video Edited By: Thereza Pena (@wit_rilla)

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1:00 - Master P Talks About Black Owned food brands
2:30 - Uncle Ben was only paid $50 and Aunt Jemima was paid $5 for their pictures on the food brands
4:00 - commitment to real economic empowerment within the black community
4:30 - how we can educate the community
7:30 - we shouldn’t be able to count on one hands the amount of black billionaires
8:00 - What if Michael Jordan got a percentage of Nike back in the day
9:00 - the only way to build generational wealth is by educating ourself
9:30 - What is the best investment of Master P’s career
“I turned down $1 million dollar deal from Jimmy Ivine because of Michael Jordan”
“Never do a deal when you’re desperate and don’t do a deal for money.”
12:00 - Master P’s upcoming movies and documentaries
14:00 - What is the one thing Master P knew when he started No Limit Records
16:00 - Master P gives his thoughts on the role of celebrities during this time
“Invest in things that you’re passionate about”
18:00 - Black Lives Matter donations going to other places
19:00 - politics within the black community
22:00 - asking Snoop, Beyonce, Lil Uzi, Jay Z if he can take over their Instagram to talk to the people about financial literacy
23:00 - Master P gives advice about stocks
25:00 - black spending power
“People think positive ain’t cool. We have to educate our people and show it.”
27:00 - Rap Snacks stock app
28:00 - what does it take for Master P to invest in something
30:00 - political accountability
“Do what you say you were going to do”
“We’re not looking for a conversation, we’re looking for action”
31:00 - Master P Lost Tapes working on new music
32:00 - Master P on whether artists should sign to record labels in 2020
“We’ve done the work so that you really don’t have to do that anymore. It’s gonna take a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice.”
34:00 - Advice for entrepreneurs - how not to lose your way
“I don’t live for money. I make money.”
“Vision is seeing the building already before it gets put up.”
36:00 - what is the biggest risk Master P has ever taken
“A lot of people say they don’t like Yeezy but I can’t tell cause I see it everywhere and it’s worth $1 Billion dollars.”
“You find a problem and you fix it.”
“We allow NIKE to grow but we don’t allow us to grow.”
38:00 - Wanting to Inspire his people
“I’m only doing it so you’ll see that you can do it too”
“I’m not successful unless I create other Millionaires”
40:00 - Master P gives his flowers to Mia X, Romeo, Snoop Dogg & more
43:00 - Nipsey Hussle being a part of his program as an 8th graer
Master P gave Nipsey Hussle $300 to stop hanging around gangs
44:00 - “Snoop Dogg has the heart of a soldier
45:00 - Master P’s favorite No Limit album of all time
Mystikal is so underrated
48:00 - how Hip Hop can uplift the voices of black women
WNBA players need more payments, brand deals and recognition
50:00 - New No Limit
“A lot of young people don’t like being around me because I tell them the truth.”
51:00 - Master P Says NBA Youngboy’s Brother OG 3Three Will Be A Star
53:00 - Master P on how to manage new artists
“It’s not about talent it’s about mindset”
54:00 - Talks about DaBaby, Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo’s work ethic
65:00 - Master P reacts to Kanye and Jay Z lyric references

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