Rappers React To AI Covers & Make Predictions! (Drake, Joe Budden, Akademiks)


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0:00 #1 Joe Budden
2:35 #2 Drake
4:56 #3 DJ Akademiks
5:51 Beatopia AI Lyrics Tool
7:35 #4 Big Boy
9:11 #5 Timbaland


1. Joe Budden

“I heard that the AI has released some impressive music lately. I heard someone mention it.

Apparently, the AI has created music for Drake featuring The Weeknd, with production quality comparable to Metro, all through artificial intelligence.

There was even a guy, called Ghostwritr or something, who used AI to create a record without any input from the artists or producers.

Many people consider the AI’s music to be of high quality, but I personally prefer music made by humans. However, I can understand the appeal of AI-generated music.” — Joe Budden Reacts To AI Covers

In this clip, we see The Joe Budden Podcast react to the absolute “extinction level event” — like a meteor in the movie Armageddon coming straight to earth — that is in the technology of artificial intelligence coming to the music industry.

2. Drake

Now the artist occasionally known as Drizzy or @champagnepapi somewhat unsurprisingly is already arguably the musician most connected to the surge in interest in AI due to the virality of Ghostwritr’s track using Drizzy and The Weeknd’s voice.

Although he has been completely silent on the matter in video, interview, or musical form, he sprinkled a little bit of humor about the whole matter after his voice was cloned by artificial intelligence and used to cover the Ice Spice track, “Munch Feeling U”.

Drake saw the viral clip after The Shade Room posted it on Instagram along with a number of other AI generated covers from Rihanna, Kanye West and Travis Scott.

On Thursday, April 13th of this year, Drake posted a screenshot of the Shade Room’s post to his Instagram stories and wrote, “this is the final straw ai”.

3. DJ Akademiks

“ This AI technology, one of my bigger viewpoints of it all is that all the people who claim there were ghost writers, y’all better take advantage.

If y’all claiming y’all bars where y’all was too ugly, too fat to make it, y’all better write them bars and get a AI to say it in the voice of Kanye or Drake and make that a hit.

And if you do that, that could be how like the new reference tracks are created.” — DJ Adakemiks Reacts To AI Covers

Now, this is the first of the clips we’re playing today where someone is giving actual direct advice to newer artists or writers.

Here, Akademiks, ever the independent businessman, is telling rappers and songwriters to “take advantage” while the window of opportunity to get their name out there from AI is bubbling in the year 2023.

Ak makes an excellent point, for there are of course always thousands if not millions of up-and-coming rappers who have had myriad excuses for why they aren’t full on or going professional with this music thing, and Akademiks is right to point out that there is a massive opportunity for them.

4. Timbaland

“They figure out a way to figure out a sound within this world of digital. You know what I’m saying? So that AI ain’t gonna be able to do that. Like it’s going, it’s gonna need, its help of the original but it is coming. I hate to tell y’all, bro, it’s coming.”

Now, producers have also jumped into the mix as well, with Timbaland’s initial hesitation as just described, to outright admiration and creative inspiration, with him going so far as placing Biggie over one of his beats. Check it out:

“We know that there’s a lot of talk about ai. We know how the feeling. Of violating certain things, but lemme tell you something. I got solution.

I got a solution. I’m working on it. It’s going to be beneficial to everybody. But in the meantime, I gotta share something I’ve been working on because I always wanted to do this and I never got a chance to. I always wanted to work with big and I never got a chance to until today.” — Timbaland Reacts To AI Covers

Now, this Timbaland clip is actually one of the clips I’m personally most excited about. To see a dyed-in-the-wool legend place one of the best rappers of all time over his work, and essentially create a “feature we never knew we wanted” from scratch, really speaks to probably what will happen in the short-term around AI rap.

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