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Mr Daz and Nick return in the third episode of this brand new animated sitcom, Colleagues Are Not Friends.

Hobbies sees Mr Daz and Nick trying to enjoy what the other likes to do in their time. For Mr Daz, his hobbies include none other than Football. A massive West Ham United fan and your typical angry and frustrated supporter. He enjoys visiting the London Stadium to watch his beloved team or getting comfortable at home with his feet up and the football on.

Nick's hobby is the complete opposite and he prefers to find his inner peace by going to Yoga sessions and having relaxing weekend getaways.

How will having two completely different hobbies affect the pair? It is time to find out because Nick is about to attend his first ever football match while Mr Daz will have to spend the weekend at a Yoga resort trying to find his inner peace.

Hobbies is the third episode from season one of Colleagues Are Not Friends. Season One will consist of 20 episodes releasing every Saturday at 4pm GMT.

NEXT WEEK: A House Named Jane
Nick is upset when Mr Daz decides to turn the apartment into a smart apartment without consulting him. Will Nick get used to the changes or will he figure out a way to get rid of it all?

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S01 E01 - Moving In - https://youtu.be/WarHTfNYEso
S01 E02 - The Dog Has To Go - https://youtu.be/oe7n0ymwaK4

Mr Daz Animation is a brand new CGI Animated Short Series on YouTube. The series, created by Darren Holloway, is made using iClone 7 and Character Creator 3. Both pieces of software are by Reallusion.

About Me:
My name is Darren Holloway and I am a beginner animator. This year (2020) has left a lot of bad memories for so many of us. Through it all we have managed to spend more time doing things that we have always wanted to do. With so many people out of work that no longer stood in our way.
For me I have always wanted to animate. Since childhood I have always had a weird and overactive imagination. I am finally using that weirdness to create this series. While some of the storylines in the videos are based on true events, some are completely made up.

Are you interested in animating? If so I would highly suggest using both pieces of software by Reallusion. They are fantastic for beginners and the company have a wide range of tutorials on YouTube. I myself only started learning three months ago, as of this article, and I feel that I have already come a long way from where I started.

Would you like to interact with us more? You can follow our social media pages using the links below.
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Be A Part Of The Series:
Would you like to feature in one of our Mr Daz Animation episodes? Do you have an idea that you would like us to bring to the screen? Get in touch using the contact page with your ideas. We love working with new people.

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