ROOMIES | S01 E06 | At The Races | Animated Series

ROOMIES | S01 E06 | At The Races | Animated Series

At The Races is the sixth episode of the brand new animated series, ROOMIES.

In this episode, Mr. Daz wants to spend a day at the races without David and Nick. On his way out he finds out that Nick had a special gift as a child, every horse he chooses is a winner. With Nick and David in tow can Mr. Daz win enough money to get a brand new 3DTV?

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Mr. Daz Animation is a brand new CGI Animated Short Series on YouTube. The series, created by Darren Holloway, is made using iClone 7 and Character Creator 3. Both pieces of software are by Reallusion.

About Me:
My name is Darren Holloway and I am a beginner animator. This year (2020) has left a lot of bad memories for so many of us. Through it all, we have managed to spend more time doing things that we have always wanted to do. With so many people out of work that no longer stood in our way.
For me, I have always wanted to animate. Since childhood, I have always had a weird and overactive imagination. I am finally using that weirdness to create this series. While some of the storylines in the videos are based on true events, some are completely made up.

Are you interested in animating? If so I would highly suggest using both pieces of software by Reallusion. They are fantastic for beginners and the company has a wide range of tutorials on YouTube. I myself only started learning three months ago, as of this article, and I feel that I have already come a long way from where I started.

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