King Von: Rap's First Serial Killer


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Original video deleted at 711k. We can't be stopped!

0:00 Intro
5:42 King Von's Early Life
11:56 Von Becomes a Demon
21:20 The Murder of Modell
27:21 The Murder of P5
32:42 The Murder of BossTrell
36:44 The Murder of Lil James
39:33 The Murder of Lil Marc
46:23 The Murder of K.I
1:01:42 The Murder of Malcolm Stuckey
1:14:55 From Killer To Rapper Von's Transition
1:25:57 The Murder of CantGetRight
1:37:42 Von v Wooski
1:44:05 Von and Durk Slide Together
2:24:26 The King of Self Snitching
3:02:22 Asian Doll & NBA Youngboy Von's Big Mistake
3:22:09 The Death of King Von

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