The Matrix: Reborn (2020) By King Vader


“The Matrix: Reborn “ a fan film created by King Vader. Its time to wake up... so sit down and jack in as we follow the story about Eon the son of Morpheus. #VaderSeason4

Created & directed by
King Vader

Written by
Dominique Barrett & DJ Rivers

Director of photography
Touch Blevins

Assistant DP :
Augustine Zepeda lll

Visual Effects:

Costume designs:
Chad Edward Lee Evett

Prop weapons provided by:
Airsoft Gi @asgicalifornia

Stunt Coordinator: Rustic Bodomov

Fight choreography by Rustic bodomov
Dj Rivers
King Vader

Scored by: The Orchestrators x Sinitus tempo

Matrix Trap Beat by @theOddwin

Eon Dominique Barrett
Morpheus DJ Rivers
Niobe Kyrstal Reed
Trinity Jessica Vanessa
Smith Prime Brian Hobbs
Rustic Bodomov
Frank Velasco

Neo Jose Onassis Herrera
Oracle Doris Roberts
Scape Michael Egemba
Link Keith Pittman
The Twins Shadow clone twins
Roger Jordan Bently

Agent Smith’s

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@mccraemanagementllc @Kasi_askari
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