15 Reasons Why JEWISH People Are RICHER


15 Reasons Why JEWISH People Are RICHER
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
Why are Jews so rich?
How are Jewish people so rich?
Is judaism the richest religion?
Is judaism the most educated religion?
Are jews educated?
How is the God of Judaism?
What does the Talmud say about money?
What are the 3 basic beliefs of Judaism?
Who wrote the 13 principles of Judaism?
What is not allowed in Judaism?
What is the oldest religion?
What does Judaism say about poverty?
What does Tzedakah mean?
Who is the God of the Jews?
Where is Judaism mainly located?

00:00 - Intro
00:33 - Judaism and wealth
01:15 - European Jews couldn’t own land.
01:54 - Religious opportunity was taken
02:21 - Opened the first banks
02:55 - Most educated religious group
03:42 - They look after one another
04:41 - Their religion teaches good business practices
05:18 - Resilience and perseverance are second nature
06:05 - Good financial education taught over generations
06:52 - Parents teach their children the value of money
07:49 - Wealth is managed effectively
08:30 - Networking is important
08:59 - Look at the past to plan the future
09:46 - Advice from one of the richest
10:24 - The simple truth
11:05 - Question

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