These Streets


This is a music promo that we completed as part of a DVD-based weapons awareness project. It was commissioned by Leeds City Council through their ERDF funded RouteMap project and co-financed by ourselves at the start of 2008.

This project was born out of our desire to provide a high quality resource for weapons awareness practitioners within Leeds and West Yorkshire. The project also gave targeted participants a programme of activity that helped them develop their ICT skills and an opportunity to be a part of something positive. A secondary aim of the project was to support local musicians and artists by creating two broadcast quality video promos that we hoped would raise their profile and promote the weapons awareness agenda at the same time.

All the films in this project are dedicated to the memory of our friend, Pat Regan - the brightest light in the campaign against gun and knife crime. The beats for this track were produced by Tom Stewart (Breaking The Illusion), whilst the artists collaborating on the track are Kockee K, Low-Key (Yorkshire Terrierz), Dogge (Yorkshire Terrierz), Norty, K-One (CAG), Lady Ai (Afro Physics) and Pat herself.

Many thanks to Monkee (Junkyard Tactics) for all his help in putting this line up together and we wish him every success with his 'Self Destruction' project. To avoid any confusion, we feel that it's probably best to point out that the video 'These Streets' does not form part of that project, nor is it a part of any project delivered by Invizible Circle Education.

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