Floyd Mayweather on Logan Paul claims & not flying commercial in over 10 years | The Pivot Podcast


Floyd Mayweather answers Logan Paul claims, talks legacy, toughest opponent and relationships.

The night before Super Bowl Sunday and the Champ himself sits down with Channing, Fred and Ryan to talk about life's pivots and opens up about his journey of becoming who he is today.

Floyd attributes his success to making his dad proud and said one thing always at the forefront of his mind was to never let his father down.

In boxing and in life, having the right people around you is everything and being able to put trust in himself has allowed him to excel in all areas. Being a father and watching his children grow and evolve is his biggest worry because of how life is so different than it was and it's not the same as it was for him as it is for them.

Having many titles and accolades around the world, Floyd's most cherished name to go by today is "paw paw" and being a grandfather to KJ, the son of Iyanna Mayweather and rapper NBA Youngboy, is one of his greatest joys.

Describing his journey of working from the ground up, putting in his own blood, sweat and tears...Floyd's approach paved the way for other athletes and entertainers to be their own boss and always wanted to be on a different path as he transitioned from boxer to promoter to iconic businessman.

Quieting the accusations that the wealthy athlete owes Logan Paul money from their exhibition, Floyd explains that these types of claims come with the territory and that it's not money he personally owes to Logan but money that still comes in on the backend of PPV fights. He says that certain people should be appreciative of their biggest payday they had in life and be patient.

Ryan starts explaining his excitement with his row one flight accommodations as Floyd interrupts asking what A1 means and confused that boarding passes are now on phone admittingly saying it's been almost 10 years since he has flown commercial. When Channing asks how he moves about the world, Floyd says let me show you- he grabs his phone and calls his pilot who is on stand by and ready to fly on a moment's notice.

Chiming in on Floyd's infamous saying, having one is closer to having none, Ryan and Channing start digging in and ask about the women and at what point will Floyd be able to settle down and want to do "old man" stuff....the champ laughs it off and says what's for everybody else may not be for him.

Before closing out the show, Ryan asks Floyd who his toughest opponent in the ring was and as a surprise to some, Floyd answers long time rival Manny Pacquiao who he defeated 10-2 in the ring.

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