World’s Fastest Mix - UNDER 5 Minutes (ADVANCED AI Mix Assistant)


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Mixing is one of the most important steps in making a track, but it can take hours just to get to a decently leveled starting point.
Thankfully, this is where some AI-powered tech from iZotope’s flagship mixing and mastering tools—Neutron and Ozone—can help. While these tools aren’t necessarily designed to mix and master your tracks for you, they can certainly get you to a great starting point by taking care of tedious level setting and rough EQing. This lets you focus as much of your mixing time as possible on creative mixing decisions (e.g. “Should the guitar actually become the focal point for this section of the song?”) rather than tedious setup tasks.

00:00 - intro
01:40 - Mix Speedrun
7:26 - Reviewing Parameter Changes
12:24 - Recap

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How to Mix a Track in UNDER 5 Minutes (ADVANCED AI Mix Assistant)

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