Trey Brown is a legend in the city of Philadelphia. At 14 years old he’s the CEO of The clothing brand Spergo, which is one of the hottest fashion lines out. His line has been worn by some the top entertainers and athletes including Ben Simmons, Meek Mill, Diddy, Da Baby and Lil Durk. In addition to that, he's been featured in CNN, Fox Business and he had a billboard in times square.

He's gained national notoriety for building a six-figure business from a few hundred dollars. He’s also been able to retire his mother from being a school teacher to becoming the CFO of Spergo. Being a full-time entrepreneur for the past two years has forced Trey to be homeschooled before there was a quarantine.

In episode 74, Trey and his mom Sherell Peterson outlined the remarkable rise of Spergo, they detailed the marketing plan that was used to launch the brand and detailed how Trey was able to rise from middle school to becoming a CEO that employs others. #Hiphopfashion #Influencermarking #SPERGO

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