2008: KRS-One Keynote Address


“Let’s get right to work!” KRS-One proved to be the Hippest Professor Ever, at the Music Conference during Canadian Music Week 2008. On-stage delivering the Keynote Address, KRS chose to stand, not sit. He worked the stage like a Maestro, describing himself as “a Philosopher by trade,” “a Hip Hop Historian,” stating “KRS-One is public domain.”

He talked, he taught, he rapped, he shared, he shouted and he cajoled, he moved the crowd with his passion. KRS discussed the history of Hip Hop, how it grew out of the sixties Civil Rights movement, discussed the “Hip Hop Concept of Community” and the battle between the Corporate and the Cultural. He was stunningly prescient on the subjects of Branding and Licensing, two words he never used, but two concepts he articulated quite clearly. "You'll understand it in five years."

KRS-One has been politically active since before forming the iconic Boogie Down Productions in the eighties. Never shy to speak his mind, KRS speaks out on Hip Hop Culture worldwide. He has formed the Stop the Violence Movement and the Temple of Hip Hop, while continuing his groundbreaking recording career.

2014 HD multi-camera edit, assembled from 2008 tracks and SD clips.

Music Video
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